June 21st, 2016 (Tue.):
A joint 3D symposium for the general public organized by the 3D Consortium with the Technical Group on Three-Dimensional Image Technology (Chair: Dr. Tsutomu Horikoshi/Shonan Institute of Technology) of the Institute of Image Information and Television Engineers was held at the Tokyo International Forum.

Miyazawa, the vice director of the consortium, delivered “A View in the Near Future of the 3D Comprising VR and AI Technologies” as an opening address, and Prof. Fujishiro provided an invited lecture on applied perceptive psychology for CG and VR.

The theme of the symposium was the “Toward the Trinity of 3D, VR and AI Technologies”. The opportunities where we experience the next-gen 3D images have been increasing including AI-assisted video games and apps using portable VR devices. In such a situation, what direction should VR and AI Technologies be aimed at? There was a total of about 80 people attending at the symposium.