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†: Research Assistants at the Keio Program for Leading Graduate School (4 students)

Undergraduate Students

Akihiro Imada
Keisuke Takiguchi
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Where are the alumni now?

University Graduates

Main employments:
Fukui Computer, IBM Japan, Rakuten, TV Asahi
Going for a higher degree:
Master’s course at Keio University Graduate School of Science and Technology*, The University of Tokyo Benesse department of Educational Advanced Technology

Master’s Graduates

Main employments:
Accenture, AdvanceSoft, Canon*, CAPCOM*, Cygames, Dai Nippon Printing, DeNA, HAL Laboratory, JAPANPOST INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY, KDDI, Koei*, KONICA MINOLTA, Microsoft, Navitime Japan, Nintendo*, NEC, NHK, Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation, Nomura Research Institute, NTT COMWARE, Rakuten*, Ricoh Industrial Solutions, Sony*, Sony Computer Entertainment*, Sony Digital Network Applications, Square Enix, Yahoo
Going for a higher degree:
Doctoral Course at Keio University Graduate School of Science and Technology*, Waseda University, Graduate school of Business and Finance, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

A star (*) means that several alumni took this path


2016–2017 School Year (Graduation in March 2017)

Completion of Doctor’s Degree

Ken Nagao:
Viewer-Adaptive Control of Displayed Content for Digital Signage

Completion of Master’s Degree

Anri Kobayashi:
Ambient Music Co-player: Affective Video Generation
Supporting Impromptu Musical Performance
Shuto Shikama:
Visual Simulation of Adhesive Fine-Particles Taking Yield Criteria into Account
Reo Takahashi:
Virtual Grasping Animation Taking into Account Affordance-related Information
Yasuaki Horie:
Visual Simulation of Hair Bleaching
Nobuhiko Jin:
Interactive Groove Visualization for Live Performance

Completion of Bachelor’s Degree

Nozomi Hijikata:
CoCoA:Commendable casting of actors/actresses for live-action film making

2015–2016 School Year (Graduation in September 2016)

Completion of Master’s Degree

Longyin Xu:
TimeTubes: Visualizing Time-dependent Multivariate Blazar Data

2015–2016 School Year (Graduation in March 2016)

Completion of Master’s Degree

Takeru Isaka:
Naked-Eye 3D Imaging Through Optical Illusion Using Orthogonally-Arranged Multiple Display Monitors
Akichika Sahara:
Visual Simaluation of Burst Taking into Account Two-way Coupling of Thin Films and Content Liquid
Ryōhei Suzuki:
Modeling Crowd Movement Taking Non-uniform Density Distribution into Account
Yusuke Niibe:
Making Many-to-Many Parallel Coordinate Plots Scalable by Asymmetric Biclustering
Ryōta Muraoka:
A Variation Visualization System for Understanding Variation Features of Classical Music Composers

2014–2015 School Year (Graduation in September 2015)

Completion of Bachelor’s Degree

Masakazu Takura:
Applying Image Analogies to Anime-style Conversion of Background Scene Images

2014–2015 School Year (Graduation in March 2015)

Completion of Master’s Degree

Norihide Kaneko:
Motion Puppetry Taking Skeletal Similarity into Account
Sho Kitami:
Simulation of Crease on Cloth based on Position Based Dynamics
Takahiro Sano:
Multi-Scopic Viewer with Applications to Selective Spatiotemporal Browsing
Naoki Haga:
SeeGroove: Supporting Groove Learning Through Visualization

2013–2014 School Year (Graduation in March 2014)

Completion of Master’s Degree

Tetsuya Takahashi:
Fast Simulation of Viscous Fluids with Elasticity and Thermal Conductivity Using Position-Based Dynamics
Tomoko Takeda:
An Interactive CG Representation of Fresh and Juicy Fruits
Takato Yorozuya:
Tree Modeling Based on ShadowDraw Paradigm

Completion of Bachelor’s Degree

Shunsuke Kurosawa:
Visual Simulation of Water Strider Motion on Water Surface

2012–2013 School Year (Graduation in March 2013)

Completion of Master’s Degree

Kazuki Asaga:
Development of a Portable AR Maze Application
Takahiro Ito:
Development of a Portable Sand Animation Simulator
Kazuhide Ueda:
Visual Simulation of Bleeding
Kazufumi Takaoka:
Interactive Deformation Simulation of Non-Uniform Elastic Bodies
Satoshi Nakajima:
Interactive, Visual Simulation of Whirlwind Using Grid and Particles
Shohei Nishikawa:
3D Modeling of Botanical Trees Based on Crossing
Masashi Hirokawa:
Visual Simulation of Chlorinated Surfaces
Takanobu Mitani:
CosmicAI: Synthesizing Sky Images Through Similarity Search, Flexible Arrangement and Work Sharing
Shun Yasaka:
Cross & Graft-Based Interface for 2D Shape Modeling

Completion of Bachelor’s Degree

Tomohiro Aoki:
Visual Clustering for Time-Varying Scholastic Performance Data
Kento Mori:
Proposal of Aesthetic Evaluation Model Using Harmonic Metric of Information Aesthetics

2011–2012 School Year (Graduation in March 2012)

Completion of Doctoral Degree

Satoshi Mabuchi:
A Particle-Based Approach to Visual Simulation of Flame for Interactive Applications

Completion of Master’s Degree

Toshiki Iizuka:
Acceleration of Photon Mapping Through GPGPU and Shader
Nobuhiro Onishi:
A Workbench for Synthesizing Miniature-Style Photographs
Shinya Kasahara:
Pitching Habit Analysis Using Image Processing
Yusuke Seshita:
Condensed Provenance Views for Visualization Life Cycle Management
Ayaka Nakatani:
Resource-Aware Rendering for 3D Display Devices Using Surface Descriptors
Chihiro Mitsubori:
Volume Visualization of Pancreatic Tissues with Multi-Dimensional Transfer Functions

2010–2011 School Year (Graduation in March 2011)

Completion of Master’s Degree

Atsushi Ueda:
Algorithms and Interface for Rigid Body Simulation Control
Mai Morohashi:
A Casting Support System for Producing Live-Action Videos Adapted from Comics

Completion of Bachelor’s Degree

Yasuyuki Sato:
Simulating Troops of Ants on Surfaces of Arbitrary Topology
Junya Seki:
Proposal of Effective Transfer Functions for Video Visualization

2009–2010 School Year (Graduation in March 2010)

Completion of Master’s Degree

Yoshiaki Sakurai:
Proposal of a Line Illustration Method Taking Designer’s Intention into Account
Yusuke Sanuki:
Direct Pointillism Rendering of 3D Models
Masanari Watanabe:
Adaptive Photon Mapping with Reference to Grid Structures

Completion of Bachelor’s Degree

Hiroyuki Sasaki:
Development of a Support System for Drawing Bird’s-Eye Guidance Views
Hiroko Sawa:
Development of a Simulation System for Interior Design Using Image-Based Rendering Techniques
Akira Rei:
Generation of Background Images for Manga-Style Illustration from Photographs