Masato Nakada

Masato Nakada

Affiliation School of Science for Open and Environmental Systems, Graduate School of Science and Technology — Master 1st year
Team Computational Forensics
Research theme Implicit Modeling of Hands with Anatomical Structures
Hobbies Surfing the Internet (Watching videos on the Internet), Twitter, Drawing
Special skill programming
Main programming language C/C++, Python
E-mail @


Hello. I’m Masato Nakada. I got interested in game programming when I was a high school student and I continue to program still. These days, I make some applications which use Twitter API. Now I do drawing as my hobby. In the research, I’m interested in modeling of humans. I study implicit and semi-anatomical modeling of hands with internal structures such as muscles and tendons in order to express change of hands’ surface by motion of internal structures.

↓The model of the hand dealt in our study↓

↓This is a Raytracer work which I made in the 2016 spring semester. (Superellipsoid and Boolean operation)↓

In detail about this work, please see here.

↓This is a Unity shader like a barrier which I made in the 2015 spring vacation.↓


◎Oral presentation (No peer-reviewed)

  1. 中田 聖人,藤代 一成. 陰関数合成による手の準解剖学的モデリング,
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  3. 中田 聖人,藤代 一成. 解剖学的構造をもつ手の陰的モデリング,
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◎Poster presentation (No peer-reviewed)

  1. 中田 聖人,藤代 一成. 器官の準解剖学的データを用いた手のモデリング,
    Visual Computing/グラフィクスとCAD 合同シンポジウム2017, 2017年6月.