Masato Nakada

Masato Nakada

Affiliation School of Science for Open and Environmental Systems, Graduate School of Science and Technology — Master 1st year
Team Computational Forensics
Research theme Implicit Modeling of Hands with Anatomical Structures
Hobbies Surfing the Internet, Drawing
Special skill Game programming
Main programming language C/C++
E-mail @


Hello. I’m Masato Nakada. I got interested in game programming when I was a high school student. I continue to program still, and now I do drawing as my hobby. I study implicit and semi-anatomical modeling of hands with internal structures such as muscles and tendons in order to express change of hands’ surface by motion of internal structures.

↓The model of the hand dealt in our study↓

↓This is a Raytracer work which I made in the 2016 spring semester. (Superellipsoid and Boolean operation)↓

↓This is a Unity shader like a barrier which I made in the 2015 spring vacation.↓


◎Oral presentation (No peer-reviewed)

  1. 中田 聖人,藤代 一成. 陰関数合成による手の準解剖学的モデリング,
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  3. 中田 聖人,藤代 一成. 解剖学的構造をもつ手の陰的モデリング,
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◎Poster presentation (No peer-reviewed)

  1. 中田 聖人,藤代 一成. 器官の準解剖学的データを用いた手のモデリング,
    Visual Computing/グラフィクスとCAD 合同シンポジウム2017, 2017年6月.