Chongke Bi, Shigeo Takahashi, Haruhisa Ishida, Issei Fujishiro
Interpolating 3D diffusion tensors in 2D planar domain by locating degenerate lines
in Proceedings of ISVC2010, Vol. 6453, pp. 328-337 Las Vegas (United States), November 2010
Interpolating diffusion tensor fields is a key technique to visualize the continuous behaviors of biological tissues such as nerves and muscle fibers. However, this has been still a challenging task due to the difficulty to handle possible degeneracy, which means the rotational inconsistency caused by degenerate points. This paper presents an approach to interpolating 3D diffusion tensors in 2D planar domains by aggressively locating the possible degeneracy while fully respecting the underlying transition of tensor anisotropy. The primary idea behind this approach is to identify the degeneracy using minimum spanning tree-based clustering algorithm, and resolve the degeneracy by optimizing the associated rotational transformations. Degenerate lines are generated in this process to retain the smooth transitions of anisotropic features. Comparisons with existing interpolation schemes will be also provided to demonstrate the technical advantages of the proposed approach.

Kenichi Yoshida, Shigeo Takahashi, Hiroaki Ono, Issei Fujishiro, Masato Okada
Perceptually-guided design of nonperspectives through pictorial depth cues
in Proceedings of the Seventh International Conference on Computer Graphics, Imaging and Visualization (CGIV 2010), Sydney (Australia), August 2010
Introducing distortions into perspective views is a popular technique to direct our visual attention to specific objects, as seen in hand-drawn illustrations and cartoon animations. This type of image expression, called nonperspective projection, is feasible in visual communication, because the human visual system can reconstruct the target three-dimensional (3D) scene correctly provided that the corresponding image distortions are within a certain perceptual tolerance. In this paper, we develop a perceptual approach to guiding the design of such nonperspective images by referring to the 3D perception induced by pictorial depth cues. We formulate an acceptable tolerance by investigating how we perceive image distortion according to the change in the configuration of depth cues. The obtained formulation is then incorporated into our new algorithm, with which we can automatically control plausible image deformation by simply modifying the positions and sizes of specific objects in a scene.


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A PID control-based scheme for time-critical rendering of particle systems
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Degeneracy-aware interpolation of 3D diffusion tensor fields
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