Automatic generation of artworks using virtual photoelastic material

Published by Issei FUJISHIRO on

Kazuki Miyazaki, Issei Fujishiro

in Proceedings of ACM SIGGRAPH 2018 Posters, Vancouver, Canada, August 12―16, 2018

[doi: 10.1145/3230744.3230797]

Photoelasticity is known as one of the phenomena related to polarization and is defined as the change in birefringence of transparent material when internal force is applied. Interference fringes appear by irradiating the material with polarized light when viewing it through the polarizer. In this study, we attempt to apply the concept of photoelasticity to generative art. Assuming there is virtual stress distribution in the two-dimensional material, our method automatically generates artworks with photoelasticity. A GPU-based acceleration of the current implementation is also discussed.

Publication page in 2018 is here


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