FORSETI: A visual analysis environment for authoring autopsy reports in extended legal medicine mark-up language

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Baoqing Wang, Yume Asayama, Malik Olivier Boussejra, Hideki Shojo, Noboru Adachi, Issei Fujishiro

The Visual Computer, Vol. 37, pp. 2951–2963, June 21, 2021 (online first)

[doi: 10.1007/s00371-021-02201-7]





In forensic autopsy, medical examiners (MEs) and diagnostic radiologists (DRs) cooperate with each other to perform an autopsy of the corpse. Effective computational assistance tools are imperative for facilitating the intricate collaborative work involved in the autopsy. In this paper, we present an integrated visual analysis environment named FORSETI (forensic autopsy system for e-court instruments), whose technical essence is twofold. The first is to be designed on the basis of an extended version of legal medicine mark-up language for authoring reports on physical autopsy (PA) as well as on virtual autopsy (VA). The second lies in autopsy juxtaposition, which seamlessly assists the MEs and DRs in referring to the VA and PA works, respectively. A fictitious case with the Visible Female Dataset is used to demonstrate the effectiveness of an initial prototype of the FORSETI system.


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