SpiCa: Stereoscopic effect design with 3D pottery wheel-type transparent canvas

Published by Issei FUJISHIRO on

Riwano Ikeda, Issei Fujishiro

 in SIGGRAPH Asia 2021 Technical Communications (SA ’21 Technical Communications), Tokyo, Japan, pp. 1ー4, December 14–17, 2021.

[doi: 10.1145/3478512.3488606]

Flow effects such as flames, smoke, and liquids play an important role in activating illustrations, but drawing these effects requires artistic expertise as well as a great deal of effort. In this paper, we propose a method for adding stereoscopic flow effects to character illustrations using various shapes of 3D pottery wheel-type transparent canvases. One approach to designing a flow effect to decorate a character relies on simple curved geometry to beautify its flow in an organized composition. We extend this approach to present a drawing system—SpiCa (spinning canvas), which enables users to use transparent surface of revolution canvases to design 3D flow effects. User evaluations showed that users were able to create such effects more easily and effectively and reduce their workload with SpiCa in comparison with an existing 2D illustration tool.

Publication page in 2021 is here


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