aflak: Visual programming environment with macro support for collaborative and exploratory astronomical analysis

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Malik Olivier BoussejraRikuo Uchiki, Shunya Takekawa, Kazuya Matsubayashi, Yuriko Takeshima, Makoto Uemura, Issei Fujishiro

IIEEJ Transactions on Image Electronics and Visual Computing, Vol. 7, No. 2, pp. 116–127, December 2019

This paper describes an extendable graphical framework, “aflak”, which provides a collaborative visualization environment for the analysis of multi-spectral astronomical datasets. aflak allows the astronomer to share and define analytic pipelines through a node editing interface, in which the user can compose together a set of built-in transforms (e.g. dataset import, integration, Gaussian fit) over astronomical datasets. Not only is aflak fast and responsive, but its macro can be conveniently exported, imported and shared among researchers using a custom data interchange format.  aflak, while providing domain-specific features for astronomy, enables collaboration through shareability, guarantees end-to-end tools used in asrtonomy for specific use cases, such as the computing of equivalent widths. Finally, the paper demonstrates that aflak provides a reference implementation for the  ProvenanceDM data model.

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