Visual simulation of crack and bend generation in deteriorated films coated on metal objects: Combination of static fracture and position-based deformation

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Akinori Ishitobi, Masanori Nakayama, Issei Fujishiro

The Visual Computer, Vol. 39, No. 8 (Special Issue of Computer Graphics International 2023), pp. 3403–3415, August 2023.

[doi: 10.1007/s00371-023-03029-z]
Weathering, an expression of degradation caused by rain and wind, is essential for photorealistic computer graphics. One of the commonest targets of weathering is metal, which is omnipresent in reality. However, for the realistic reproduction of scenes, many of which display degradation, the application of rust-proof paint to metal surfaces cannot be ignored. In our study, we propose a weathering method for coated films on metal objects, which are modeled using a three-dimensional (3D) triangular polygon mesh and deformed by combining two kinds of simulations: static simulation, for determining fractures based on the balance of the internal forces, and position-based bend simulation for moving vertices according to geometric constraints. Our method can digitally reproduce the deterioration of coated films using complex 3D deformation, which is difficult to achieve by material manipulation only.

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