Akinori Ishitobi

Ishitobi Akinori

    • Affiliation

Center for Information and Computer Science — 1st year in master degree

    • Team

Reality Modeling

    • Research theme

Visual Simulation of Aged Coating

    • Hobbies

break dance, cocktail, teaching

    • Special skill

acrobat,flexible style

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I had practiced gymnastics until I graduated from high school, but at the university, I belong to “dance crew es” and do a break dance.
Regardless of my subject, they show high-quality performance. If you have a chance, please go to see our show.

My Research

I study “weathering”, which is the method of dirtying or damaging works to make them more realistic.
In the spring semester, I develop a weathering system, where you can add or remove rust on a metal ball with the seek bar.
Now, I am studying visual simulation of peeling coating on metal objects.;

Interactive weathering system of a metal ball

Simulator of peeling coating