SAM (Smart Ambient Media) is a general term for display methods that skillfully support various activities in our daily lives by adapting to the real enviroment moment to moment, using Human-in-the-Loop, a human-centered loop composed of 3 phase: User intention/emotion recognition—Sophiscated computing—Adaptive media synthesis. In the field of information and communication, sensor networks are utilized to provide prediction and recommendation by cognition cycle that expands experimental efforts to actuation including robots. There is also a generalization concept known as intelligent ambient system.

Its application areas vary from digital signage which adaptively modifies its content for viewers to head mounted display (HMD) which supports hemianopia patients.

The fusion of computer graphics and vision has never been accelerated as now due to the proliferation of low-cost and high-performance commercial sensors and input/output devices such as VR/AR HMDs, in addition to the enhancement of visual and general-purpose computing capabilities with commodity GPUs. Smart Ambient Media which our team researches is a new technology that has been realized by supporting such fusion and which enriches human’s life.


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