Reality Modeling (RM) is a field of study pursuing methods for depicting photorealistic image: CG hard to distinguish with photographs.

We have to analyze and understand phenomena in reality, but, in order to depict with computers, we need assume them to be simple models. To modeling objects and phenomena while keeping plausible appearance is our main subject and one of the interest of studies.

Therefore, our studies have two directions: physical (simulating based on theories in reality) and artificial (computing automatically based on models less relevant to reality). However, in addition to them, some RM studies have the third direction: phenomenological (using measurement data). For example, applying a photograph to CG objects as a texture is a typical phenomenological method. All RM theme can be located on the inside of the triangle whose vertices are physical, artificial, and phenomenological.

Reality Modeling Triangle

RM is closely related with Graphics Paradigms (GP), we expect that both teams interact with each other and become advanced. Relationship between RM and GP is explained here.


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Apparel CAD (2005―)

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