Combustion is one of the most important representations in movies and games, and is a phenomenon consisting of elements such as flames, soot, smoke, and fire sparks. Many visual simulation methods have been proposed to simulate flames, but many of the elements other than flames are made to look like that by the artist’s post processing effects. To address these problems, the use of simulations as pre-visualization has been proposed, and combustion simulations that take into account smoke and soot have been studied. On the other hand, visual simulation of fire sparks, which are important to enhance the realism of combustion, has been little studied.

In this study, we propose a physical visual simulation method for wood combustion such as bonfires, focusing on the fire sparks, which are particularly important in terms of enhancing the realism of combustion. A combustion source with a flame generates fire sparks, and the dynamics of the sparks are calculated based on the equations of motion that take into account the drag, the buoyancy forces from the hot air flow, and the gravity of the sparks themselves. This allows us to achieve a representation of the dynamics of the firebrand. 

Results of visual simulation of spark dynamics


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Chinatsu YoshidaKeio University




  1. Chinatsu Yoshida and Issei Fujishiro: “Visual simulation of spark dynamics taking thermal air flow into consideration” in Proceedings of the 85th National Convention of International Processing Society of Japan, Vol. 2, pp. 941―942 (7X-02), The University of Electro-Communications, online & onsite hybrid, March 2―4, 2023(in Japanese).


  1. Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (A): 21H04916 (2021-)

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