In the fields of film, architecture, and design, global illumination is actively used due to the demand of photorealistic computer graphics images. However, monte carlo ray tracing, which is commonly used algorithm for it, is known to be computationally inefficient because it take a large number of samples until convergence of its output image. Therefore, increasing the computational efficiency of ray tracing has been a major research topic for many years.

Path guiding is one of its optimization method that reduces the number of samples by constructing an efficient light path. It has been shown that path guiding can significantly reduce dispersion compared to existing methods, especially in scenes that include caustics.

However, in scenes with many light sources, it is difficult to obtain valid contributions from each light source, and the number of samples required for estimating the radiance distribution tends to be large. Therefore, we propose optimization method of path guiding on the multi-source illumination problem, which improves the dispersion reduction by using appropriate sampling method for light source selection.


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Shumpei Sugita Keio University



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Domestic presentations

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    Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (A): 21H04916 (2021-)

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