The demand for Japanese hand-drawn anime is high due to its expressive capabilities. Particularly, hair animation in hand-drawn Anime plays an important role in expressing dynamism and creating impressive scenes.

When creating hand-drawn Anime-style hair animation in 3DCG, it is possible to deform the mesh shapes of hair strands by setting bones corresponding to each strand of hair. However, it requires many parameters to be set for this kind of motion in 3DCG and makes it a difficult to achieve the ideal motion entirely by hand.

In this study, we propose a support system for efficiently producing hand-drawn anime-style hair animations. This system takes as input sketches to illustrate how to shake and control parameters to adjust the motion, which improves the efficiency while maintaining expression.


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Daisuke KodamaKeio University




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  1. Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (A): 21H04916 (2022―2023)

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