Shibasaki presented at JKC-Vis 2024

The 7th Japan-Korea-China Joint Visualization Workshop (JKC-Vis 2024) was held at Keio University, Mita Campus, Tokyo on April 23rd, concurrently with the IEEE PacificVis 2024. Shibasaki, a second-year master’s student, presented research results on the visual analysis of leading lines in artworks during Session 1: Reports from Japan.

Bachelor thesis researches presented at the 86th IPSJ National Convention

The 86th National Convention of the Information Processing Society of Japan was held from March 15nd to 17th, and five bachelor thesis researches were presented by Ishinuki, Matsumoto, Nishitani, Tahara, and Kuwana. Ishinuki, Matsumoto, Nishitani, and Kuwana received Student Encouragement Awards. Takehiro Ishinuki and Issei Fujishiro: “Generating Reactive Audience NPC Amplifying Enthusiasm” (7ZG-07). Yuya Read more…