The 85th National Convention of the Information Processing Society of Japan was held from March 2nd to 4th, and five bachelor thesis researches were presented by Shinji, Kodama, Namai, Shibasaki, and Yoshida. Shinji, Namai, and Shibasaki received Student Encouragement Awards.

Sakura Shinji and Issei Fujishiro: “Motion reconstruction of articulated objects from point cloud with a specified rotation axis” (1X-06).

Daisuke Kodama and Issei Fujishiro: “A sketch-based system supporting production of hand-drawn anime-style hair animations” (6X-01).

Mayu Namai and Issei Fujishiro: “Semiautomatic generation of vignette illustrations from video” (6X-03).

Fuminori Shibasaki and Issei Fujishiro: “Visual analysis of gaze direction strategies on static images based on differential topology” (7X-01).

Chinatsu Yoshida and Issei Fujishiro: “Visual simulation of spark dynamics taking thermal air flow into consideration” (7X-02).


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