The 86th National Convention of the Information Processing Society of Japan was held from March 15nd to 17th, and five bachelor thesis researches were presented by Ishinuki, Matsumoto, Nishitani, Tahara, and Kuwana. Ishinuki, Matsumoto, Nishitani, and Kuwana received Student Encouragement Awards.

Takehiro Ishinuki and Issei Fujishiro: “Generating Reactive Audience NPC Amplifying Enthusiasm” (7ZG-07).

Yuya Matsumoto and Issei Fujishiro: “Semiautomatic cutout of objects from reconstructed 3D scene” (4P-06).

Mana Nishitani and Issei Fujishiro: “A production support system for wind-deformed animation of cape” (5P-01).

Hiroto Tahara and Issei Fujishiro: “Reproduction of Drainage Effect in Foam Flow on Wall Surface” (6P-06).

Mayuka Kuwana and Issei Fujishiro: “Volumetric shell mapping using nonlinear ray tracing” (1P-05).


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