On June 27th, 2022, the IPSJ SIG on Computer Graphics and Visual Informatics 186th Meeting was held online. At the end of the meeting, Riwano Ikeda (M2) and Yuki Nishidate (M1) received their FY2021 CGVI Awards:

  • Riwano Ikeda, Issei Fujsihiro: “SpiCa: Effect design support with 3D pottery wheel-type transparent canvas” (long paper) in Proc. Visual Computing 2021, pp. 21:1-21:6. September 2021.
  • Yuki Nishidate, Issei Fujishiro: “Affine-transformed ray alignment for accelerating primary ray traversal —Implementation with Embree—,” in SIG Technical Report of IPSJ, Vol. 2022–CG–185,No. 2,pp. 1-6, March 2022.


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