Visual Computing 2022, Japan’s largest CG symposium, was held October 6-8, 2022, at Kyoto International Conference Center. Five oral presentations, more than a quarter of the total number, were accepted, and Ishitobi (D3), Hoshikawa (M2), Koroku, Nishidate, and Yokota (M1) gave presentations. Ishitobi and Yokota received VC paper award (2nd prize) and Polyphony Digital award, respectively.

Presentation information is as follows:

Akinori Ishitobi, Masanori Nakayama, Issei Fujishiro: “Crack generation and bend of coated films due to aged deterioration―Visual simulation of a quasi-static process by combination of fracture judgement and bend simulation―,” in proceedings of Visual Computing 2022, pp. 2:1―2:6, Kyoto, October 6, 2022, VC paper award (2nd prize)

Soma Yokota, Shumpei Sugita, Issei Fujishiro: “Visual simulation of opal using 3D Voronoi diagram―Reproduction of play of color―,” in proceedings of Visual Computing 2022, pp. 17:1―17:6, Kyoto, October 7, Polyphony Digital award

Yuki Nishidate, Issei Fujishiro: “Affine-transformed ray alignment for fast ray traversal,” in proceedings of Visual Computing 2022, pp. 20:1―20:4, Kyoto, October 7, 2022

Yui Koroku, Issei Fujishiro: “Anime-like motion transfer with optimal viewpoints—Evaluating motions in terms of speed distribution and pose area—,” in proceedings of Visual Computing 2022, pp. 27:1―27:4, Kyoto, October 7, 2022

Jun Hoshikawa, Issei Fujishiro: “DVF: Toward semiautomatic composition of perceptual images of a virtual scene through hand gesture interface,” in proceedings of Visual Computing 2022, pp. 29:1―29:4, Kyoto, October 7, 2022

Akinori Ishitobi, Qiqi Gao, Xingchao Yang, Takafumi Taketomi: “An virtual try-on method for images considering 3D deformation,” Visual Computing 2022, Poster P30, Kyoto, October 7, 2022


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